Erotic Short Stories Come in Literature, Audio and Video

If you’re looking for erotic literature online, it’s likely you’re not looking to spend hours reading about one lengthy sexual tryst. After all, if that’s what you wanted, you could just go buy “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Erotic short stories are definitely more up your alley. They’re maximum pleasure with minimum reading effort.

However, while reading erotic short stories is your first option, it isn’t your only one.

ENTITY breaks down the different media platforms that allow you to read, hear and watch erotic short stories online. Just please note, these livejasmin options are only for adults, which means you have to be over 18.
1 First, the good ol’ reading option for erotic short stories.

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Erotic literature isn’t exactly absent on the web. In fact, it’s pretty popular.

The OG site when it comes to finding online erotic literature is definitely Literotica. The livejasmin site has thousands of stories encompassing all sexual preferences, kinks and exactly what you’re looking for: erotic short stories.

However, if you’re more into a certain niche of erotic short stories, other sites focus on a more specific community.

If you’re in the LGBTQ community, Nifty is your place for erotic short stories. Some of the titles include “Bathroom Stories” and “Want to Train Me.” You have to type in short stories on the search bar to find the non-lengthy options, but it’s totally worth it.

Have a thing for BDSM? BDSM Cafe titles like, “BDSM Punishment Story – Never Too Late” and “Business Executive Dominatrix Story – Marinah” are on the front page of the easily-navigated erotic short stories category.
2 But audio brings erotic short stories to life.

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If you’re trying to ditch the reading element completely, audio brings a whole new light to the erotic short story.

Podcasts on the site Stitcher make you feel like a good friend is relating their raunchy romps to you after a night of debauchery. You can easily listen to the audio narrations by clicking the play button. The best part? Each story keeps it short and the episodes are only about 10 minutes long.

If you’re looking for a podcast that has erotic content that is even shorter, options on the site Player FM only last about five minutes. Coupled with this convenience, these jasminelive stories feature narrators with very sultry voices.

But, you should probably grab your headphones.
3 And video brings all the elements together.

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This option is for the person seeking the ultimate visual experience without outright viewing porn. But just to be safe, you should probably keep those headphones on and lock your door if you have kids or parents in the house.

If you liked cartoons as a child, the YouTube “erotic cartoons for adults about sex” series gives them a sexy adult spin.

But if you’re looking for more real-life elements in the video, the YouTube channel “SexyStoryReaders” provides the perfect balance. The liveprivates channel features a model in lingerie reading a two-part erotic short story to you.

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Well, now you know all the online options of where to find the best erotic short stories. Enjoy!